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AvaTrade Review – Broker of choice since 2005

Highly experienced and valued Forex broker AvaTrade has been delivering exceptional brokerage services to its clients since its establishment in 2006. Throughout these 15 years, brokers attracted hundreds of thousands of professional or beginner traders and positioned themselves as one of the most reliable, transparent, and high-quality brokerage firms worldwide. As of now, there are more than three hundred thousand active users registered on the trading platform of the AvaTrade broker.

The online Forex broker has an increasingly diverse financial instruments portfolio with over 1250 trading assets available for the customers of AvaTrade. The portfolio includes some of the most influential and popular financial markets such as Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, and many others. Apart from the quality of the brokerage services, the firm is also recognized as an extremely secure and transparent Forex broker regulated within six different jurisdictions. The multiplicity of the regulations and licenses allow the broker to operate almost in every part of the world including Europe, Australia, South Africa, UAE, and many more.

Not only trade asset portfolio is diverse with the Forex broker, but also the trading platforms. The traders with AvaTrade have an option to choose among the most popular software of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 or go for the innovative technological solutions provided by the broker that is AvaTradeGo and AvaSocial. Our review on AvaTrade Forex broker will reveal the main features of the broker along with all the benefits that the traders can enjoy with AvaTrade.

AvaTrade Regulations and Honors

AvaTrade is a safe and reliable Forex broker for a reason. A great deal of reliability factors is decided by the regulations, licenses, and legal framework within which the Forex brokers operate. Without regulations, traders’ funds are insecure, as well as personal details and general data provided to the broker during the registration. For this and many other reasons, traders will often require proof of the regulation or license from the Forex broker in order to guarantee themselves safety from the broker’s side.

AvaTrade is regulated by a number of different regulatory authorities and holds corresponding licenses approving the business operations of the brokerage firm that it conducts. The list of the regulatory bodies that licensed and authorized AvaTrade includes:

  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission, ASIC
  • Financial Services Agency, FSA
  • The Financial Sector Conduct Authority of South Africa, FSCA
  • Financial Futures Association of Japan, FFAJ
  • Abu Dhabi Financial Services Regulatory Authority, FSRA
  • British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission, FSC

Apart from the regulations, AvaTrade broker is a multi-award winner Forex broker nominated in quite a few fields by the top financial institutions of the industry. Some of the most notable awards include the title of No. 1 Broker by the European for 2014-2020, Best Forex Broker by the Day Trading for 2019, Most Innovative CFD Broker, the UK by the International Business Magazine for 2019, The Best Forex Broker, Portugal by the Rankia for 2019, Best Trading Experience by the for 2017-2018, Top 10 Brokers, China by the WikiFX for 2018, Best Broker: Most Reliable by the FX Empire for 2011-2018 and so much more.

Available Trading Assets

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Product diversity is one of the crucial factors that traders pay the most attention to. Most Forex brokers will focus on providing as many currency pairs as they can and will include another financial market or two, which considerably limits the number of traders taking interest in the broker. AvaTrade, on the other hand, includes most of the financial markets in its financial instruments portfolio exceeding the total trading asset number of 1250. Traders with AvaTrade Forex broker can include the following assets in their trading portfolios:

  • Forex
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • CFDs
  • Commodities
  • Stocks
  • Indices

Forex is the largest financial market worldwide. Therefore, AvaTrade also offers most of its trading assets in the Forex market. Traders can choose among some of the most popular currency pairs such as USD/EUR or USD/JPY with competitive and tight spreads or go for some of the rarest and exotic currency pairs. Cryptocurrency is another dominant financial market growing day by day and attracting several million traders regularly. The broker offers some of the most common crypto products available to trade on the AvaTrade trading platforms including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, NEO, and many more. As for the stocks, traders can access the strongest stocks such as Amazon or Apple with flexible trading conditions.

Review of AvaTrade broker platforms

best forex trading platformSince it is a must to execute the trades through the trading platforms, clients seek reliable and efficient trading platforms when choosing the broker. Even if you are not a trader yet, you could still use some of the trading platforms in order to conduct research or go through charting in order to understand the market movements and the influences on them. AvaTrade supports two of the most common trading platforms that are built on original MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 software. Both of these platforms attract hundreds of millions of traders due to their unique features and convenient terminals, as well as complex analysis and various functions included in them.

Released in 2005, MetaTrader 4 still remains the favorite choice of Forex traders. The developers of the software designed it to suit the requirements of specifically Forex market producing a number of useful trading indicators. The same group of developers, MetaQuotes, also developed MetaTrader 5. These two platforms do not differ much, however, MT5 is the newer version and includes several important updates. However, one downturn that these original platforms have is that they are operated from desktop and are not compatible with a lot of devices.

Therefore, AvaTrade supports the modifications of these original platforms of MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 and allows clients to use WebTrader or Mobile trading. WebTrader includes the same exact features as the original software, however, is accessible from browsers instead and does not require further installation. Furthermore, they can be accessed by Mac OS systems, as well, which is not possible on the original software. In addition, traders can open the platform through their mobile devices, on both IOS and Android devices.

How to deposit and withdraw with AvaTrade

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While working on the review of AvaTrade broker we noticed that the broker provides numerous payment and withdrawal solutions for their traders, which is undoubtedly a very positive feature. Having access to a wide variety of safe and reliable payment methods is what attracts a number of traders, especially from regions of South Africa, Asia, and Latin America. AvaTrade brokerage firm is accepting deposit methods including credit cards or bank wire transfers. In order to these traditional payment solutions, the broker also supports e-payment solutions such as Skrill, WebMoney, or Neteller. Therefore, as a trader, you are free to choose the payment method that is supported in your country of residence.

For the withdrawals, however, the traders need to make sure that they have verified their accounts. In order to verify the account, traders will have to provide some supporting documents that serve as proof of the trader’s identity or residence. The list of the required verification documents that might be required by the broker is:

  • Identification Document (National ID) or;
  • Passport or;
  • Driver’s License;
  • Utility bills (from the past 6 months)
  • Rent agreement (if renting an apartment)

Final Thoughts – Is AvaTrade legit?

Reviews and personal recommendations usually serve as the most popular sources to check on the legitimacy of the broker. However, most importantly, the number one step before trusting the broker should be checking its licenses and regulations. If the broker is licensed and regulated and if you can barely find negative reviews on the broker, it means you have a green light to go.

Based on our thorough research, we can confidently claim that AvaTrade is a legit, reliable, transparent, and high-quality Forex broker. Apart from the enormous trading assets portfolio, flexible trading conditions, industry-leading trading platforms, and numerous awards, the broker is also very much dedicated to customer experience excellence. Therefore, the company keeps on growing and introducing the latest trends to its customer base often exceeding the expectations of the new registering users with the broker. No matter whether you are just starting in Forex, you are an expert trader with experience of over 10 years or you are just someone who would like to more about Forex trading, AvaTrade has got something for each and every one of you.

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