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The team behind Forex Brokers List was brought together with one goal in mind – to create a website, that would help traders navigate through the Forex market, by analyzing, reviewing, listing Forex brokers, identifying which are best in their niche, what sets them apart, and which ones are to be avoided by every trader out there.

Every member of our team has had a chance to partake in Forex trading at some point in their career, gaining invaluable knowledge and expertise, allowing us to analyze Forex brokers in a multitude of ways, giving a unique perspective on the Forex market as a whole.

Knowing how arduous starting a Forex trading career can be, we have decided to share our accumulated knowledge, by creating a dedicated academy section, with a vast variety of resources at your disposal to cover all and every question that you may have when starting to trade Forex.

You may also reach out to us directly, should you wish to inquire on a specific subject,  we are always happy to hear from you.

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We are always open to cooperation offers from various parties within the industry.

Dedicated to providing quality content, unbiased opinion, and deep industry expertise, the number of our regular visitors grows by the day, with Forexbrokerslist.org becoming one of the primary resources in their everyday trading careers.

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In order to provide our readers with the most accurate information on

Forex  brokers most suitable for them, we categorize top brokers by regions

Each region has a dedicated list of Top 10 Forex brokers to help our

readers to easily identify the most suitable Forex brokers

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We strive to provide our readers with only the best that the world of Forex

has to offer, which is why each of our broker reviews is conducted with an

in-depth analysis of each and every aspect of every broker

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