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Long Shot Binary Options Strategy

Long Shot Binary Options Strategy

This is a highly profitable binary options strategy, which is designed for long-term traders. Using long short binary options strategy you can get the average payouts of 250%. Although you cannot make trades with this binary options strategy every day, it is suitable for the traders that value time.

Are you able to make long run predictions? Can you correctly forecast recent events in the political and economic world? Do you stay up-to-date with the news? Then the long shot binary options strategy is designed for you!

Long Shot Binary Options Strategy Details

You have to understand that the long shot strategy involves higher risks than other [intlink id=”13″ type=”page”]binary options trading strategies[/intlink]. In contrast, the payouts in this binary options trading strategy are often higher than 250%. This means that even if you have a series of consecutive losses, just a few successful trades will give your account balance a boost that it needs.

The payouts in this strategy are closely related to the gap between existing price of the asset and the predicted price of the asset. The bigger the gap – the higher the payout.

The main task of the long shot strategy is to predict the significant increase or decrease of the asset. This is done to create a Touch/No touch order with a big gap, which will bring high level of the payout. You just have to decide the highest level that the price is able to achieve at least once.

This strategy can be implemented on any asset that you are able to trade, there are absolutely no limitations. The long shot binary options strategy has to be implemented in the times of the high volatility of the market.

So, you have to spot the situation in which some ground-breaking news are published or some important political or economic decisions are made. It is even better if these decisions differ from the expectations of the market players. In such situations market will not be able to quickly adjust expectations with the released news. Such situation can increase the volatility of the market dramatically. This is the perfect spot for the long shot binary options strategy! It is recommended to use technical analysis before implementing the strategy. It is done to evaluate the size of an upcoming price gap and get the maximum possible payout.

Long Shot Binary Options Strategy Example

  1. The news about Swiss government will be released in 30 minutes.
  2. Using the technical analysis at both, basic and advanced levels helps you predict the possible cases of abandoning the peg of Swiss Franc to Euro. The price of the Franc will increase significantly, approximately by 30%.
  3. You open your binary options trading platform, then go to the Touch/No touch trading and find the EUR/CHF instrument. The current price is 1.000.
  4. The news are released and Swiss government decides to abandon the peg to Euro.
  5. You implement the long shot strategy getting Touch order for the price on 1.250. Which will give you 350% payout.
  6. The difference between expectations and the news creates high volatility and the price achieves the level of 1.251.
  7. You get your profits and stay excited that you have used the long shot strategy.

fa-icon You have to understand that implementation of this strategy is difficult and has to be taken with the high level of caution. Also, it is not recommended to involve more than 2% of your bankroll in one trade using long shot strategy. Long Shot binary strategy requires some strong knowledge of fundamental events, check forex factory calendar to know when such events happen.

Advantages of Long Short Binary Options Strategy

Using this strategy should be beneficial in comparison with other strategies. What are the benefits of this binary options strategy? The main idea is that you get a higher pay out using Touch / No Touch option. If you, for example, used a regular option instead of Touch / No Touch, you would end up having a return of 80-90%, which is about 4 times lower. As you are able to achieve high profits with this binary strategy, you only need to have 1 correct prediction per 2 incorrect. This way you can still be profitable in binary options trading.

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  1. Like this strategy but don’t have courage to try it, it seems really risky for me, did anyone tried it? does it pay off?


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